Naropa Prayer Flags

Dear Alumni,

Do you have a prayer or aspiration for Naropa University...for a loved one, a friend or relative? The prayer flag tradition has a long, continuous history dating back to ancient Tibet, China, Persia, and India—and can today represent a wonderful way to give...and reconnect to Naropa.

As fellow members of the Naropa community, we want to invite you to submit a heart-centered prayer or aspiration to be placed on a prayer flag. The flags will be displayed on campus beginning on Shambhala Day, as we begin a year-long effort to celebrate Naropa University and contemplative education. They will also travel to Naropa events around the country to visually illustrate alumni and community support of the University.

The project began with a simple question, "What would a visual representation of the community who loves Naropa and contemplative education look like?" The answer eventually became a string of prayer flags to symbolize the strength and unity of those who support Naropa University and what it embodies.

We ask that you donate with each heart-felt prayer at least $25. Your tax deductible donation will be utilized at Naropa for scholarships, faculty/staff professional development, facilities improvements, and to the five schools that comprise our university.

We would like to collect as many prayers/aspirations as possible. Remember, the more prayers that are given, the stronger our string of flags will be. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this very special way of giving to Naropa.

To pledge or donate a Prayer Flag, please go to the Donate page. If you would like more information or would like to be involved, please contact Development at or 303-546-3594.


Rodney Weiss (BA Contemplative Psychology, '04)
and Joshua Hyman (MFA Writing & Poetics, '05)