Naropa Faculty Publications

Marlow Brooks

Richard Brown

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Christine Caldwell

  • Caldwell, Christine. "Mindfulness and Bodyfulness: A New Paradigm." The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, Issue I, 2014.

Michael Franklin

  • Franklin, M. A. Book project: "Art as Contemplative Practice: Expressive Pathways to the Self." (In press), SUNY. Expected release, Fall 2016.
  • Franklin, M. A. (In Press). "Contemplative Approaches Art Therapy: Incorporating Hindu-Yoga-Tantra and Buddhist Wisdom Traditions in Clinical and Studio Practice." In Rubin, J. A. (ed). Approaches to Art Therapy.
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Anne Parker

  • Beard, J.S. assisted by Parker, Anne Z., Vegetation Survey of Western Australia, Perth 1976 (a monograph series)
  • Books in progress:
  • Johannessen, Carl J, and Parker, Anne Z., "Des Epis de Mais en Inde sur des Sculptures des XII-XIIIemes Siecles?", Kadath Chroniques des Civilizations Disparus, v.89, Automne-Hiver 1997.
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  • Parker, Anne Z, Susani Dominique, and Jarldane, Karen, Sacred Geometry
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  • Parker, Anne Z. and Susani, Dominique, Earth Alchemy:  Aligning Your Home with Natures Energy. Findhorn Press. 2011
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  • Parker, Anne Z. and Wilding, Mark D., "Transformative Learning and Sustainability", President Obama's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, Naropa University Green Paper on Contemplative Education and Ecological Sustainability, 2012.
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  • Parker, Anne Z., "Body Prayer", Prayers for a Thousand Years, ed Elias Amidon and Elizabeth Roberts, Harper San Francisco, 1999. (Body Prayer was among four selections from the book adapted to music and performed by Ysaye Barnwell and Sweet Honey and the Rock)
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  • Parker, Anne Z., Legion Park, Images, January, 2006.
  • Parker, Anne Z., Multi-ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal, Himal Books, 2013
  • Parker, Anne Z., Stories from the Origin, 2007

Judith Simmer-Brown

  • Simmer-Brown, J., 2019. Contemplative Teaching and Learning: Opportunities for Asian Studies. ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts, 26(1), pp.5–25. DOI:
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith, with Tom Coburn, Fran Grace, Anne Carolyn Klein, Louis Komjathy, and Harold Roth. "Contemplative Pedagogy:  Frequently Asked Questions," Teaching Theology and Religion XIV.2 (April 2011), 167-174.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "Bhutan Blog." International Panel of Advisors, Educating for Gross National Happiness Workshop, Thimphu, Bhutan, December 7-14, 2009, hosted by Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Thinley and the Ministry of Education. A consultation with 26 international advisors on educational reform in Bhutan; especially to help bring meditation to all public schools (principals, teachers, and students). (See blog This resulted in my being asked to write a meditation manual (with others) for all public primary and secondary schools in Bhutan.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "Contemplative Education at Naropa University—A Personal Account" Eastern Horizon, Summer, 2004.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "Religious Studies and Contemplative Studies:  Critic, Catalyst or Collaborator," Lead presentation, Contemplative Studies Group "Mindful Teaching and Learning:  Contemplative Pedagogy in the University Setting," American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Diego, November 22, 2014.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "Training the Heart Responsibly: Considerations in Contemplative Teaching." Meditation in the Classroom. Albany: SUNY, 2011.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "Your Meditation Reality Check," Forum in Buddhadharma:  The Practitioners' Quarterly, Interview with Ezra Bayda and Kamala Masters, Introduced by Frank Berliner (Summer 2013), 46-55, 84.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "'Listening Dangerously': Dialogue Training as Contemplative Pedagogy." Panel Paper for "Contemplative Pedagogy: Pitfalls and Potentials," Society of Buddhist Christian Studies annual meeting, November 7, 2013, Chicago, Illinois.  Published in Society of Buddhist-Christian Studies Journal, Vol. 33, 2013, 33-40.
  • Simmer-Brown, Judith. "'The Question is the Answer' – Naropa University's Contemplative Pedagogy." Paper presented to the Academic Teaching and the Study of Religion Section of the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, November 2006, Washington, D. C.  Published in Religion & Education, Vol. 36, No. 2 (Summer 2009), University of Northern Iowa.

Candace Walworth

  • Walworth, Candace. "Book Review: The Open Hand." JAEPL, Vol. 20, Winter 2014-2015.

Ian Wickramasekera

  • Hageman, J., Krippner, S., & Wickramasekera, I.E. (II) (2008).  Sympathetic reactivity during meditation. Subtle energies and Energy Medicine,19(2), 23-48.
  • Hageman, J., Krippner, S., & Wickramasekera, I.E. (II). (2006). Seven advanced Kundalini Meditators in Ramtha's School of enlightenment. Paper presented at the Third PSI Conference: Implications and applications of PSI in Brazil.   
  • Wickramasekera II, I. E. (2014). Early psychological knowledge. In: T. Leahey, S. Greer, G. Lefrançois, T.Reiner, J. Spencer, I. Wickramasekera, II, & E. Willmarth (Eds.),History of psychology(pp. 15-42). SanDiego, CA: Constellation.
  • Wickramasekera, I. E. (2004). How Research in Hypnosis Illuminates the Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in Anaheim, CA on March 14th, 2004.
  • Wickramasekera, I. E. (II) (2007). How Research in Hypnosis illuminates The Bön-Buddhist Model of Self.  Paper presented the 2007 annual convention of the American Psychological Association in August, 2007.
  • Wickramasekera, I. E. (II) (2014). Hypnotic-like Aspects of the Bon Medicine Buddha Practice. Presentation  given to the Society of Psychological Hypnosis (APA Division 30) at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC in August, 2014.
  • Wickramasekera, I. E. (II) (2015). Hypnosis and Dzogchen. Presentation given to the Society of Psychological Hypnosis (APA Division 30) at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Toronto, Canada in August, 2015.
  • Wickramasekera, I. E., (II), Krippner, S., & Wickramasekera, I. (1997). A psychophysiological investigation of Kundalini yoga meditators. In I. Wickramasekera (Chair), Hypnotic states, self-regulation, and psychophysiology. Study presented at symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.
  • Wickramasekera, I.E., II (2015). Mysteries of hypnosis and the self are revealed by the psychology and neuroscience of empathy. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 57(3), 330-348.