Academics at Naropa University

Minds. Open.

At Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, we will ask you to take one of the biggest, most courageous leaps of your life.

As the pioneer of contemplative higher education, and the only institution to offer a comprehensive university-wide commitment to contemplative pedagogy, Naropa offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Combining Eastern wisdom studies, mindfulness training, and the capacity for compassion, with traditional Western scholarship, we challenge you to develop your intellect, while delving into the depths of your mind and heart. 

This educational crucible gives you a radical opportunity: To discover your true self.

Align your life and career with your authentic nature.

College of Distinction

college of distinctionNaropa University was named a College of Distinction for the 2017-18 academic year, for the fourth year in a row. The award honors schools for excellence in student engagement, quality of teaching, vibrancy of the college community, and success of their graduates.

Undergraduate Programs

At Naropa University you won’t just sit on your hands in class, you’ll use them. Choose from our curated range of majors and minors—or create your own. Then raise your hand for internships, service learning projects, field studies, research, creative work, global study, or any combination thereof.


Graduate Academics

There is nothing sterile about graduate studies at Naropa University. Here you will experience a full-throated, mind-expanding education that will expose you to the most progressive ideas in your discipline while cultivating your wisdom to apply them.


What is “contemplative education”?

Contemplative education combines traditional classroom academics, experiential learning experiences and contemplative practices such as meditation and yoga. The goal? For you to know and prepare for your life purpose.