T'ai chi at Chautauqua Park

in Contemplative Martial Arts

Align your major with your practice.


At Naropa University, our Minor in Contemplative Martial Arts allows you to do just that by choosing concentrations in Aikido or Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).

Delve into the practice, history, and philosophy of your discipline. Study human anatomy. Acquire the strength and discipline necessary to see you through a lifetime of growth and adventure. 

Many of our Contemplative Martial Arts graduates make their practice their professions, working as teachers all over the world. Others pursue graduate study in related fields, becoming massage therapists, psychologists, elder care specialists, software engineers, acupuncturists, and even chefs.


Two Concentrations:

Aikido students

Train at the world-class Boulder Aikikai Dojo and test for rank when ready.


Taijiquan practitioners

Learn the graceful movements of Form and Sword, apply the principles interactively in Push Hands, pursue teaching authorization through a Teaching Apprenticeship. 



Featured Contemplative Martial Arts Courses

  • Experiential Anatomy: A Somatic Approach
  • Religion and Mystical Experience
  • Somatic Intelligence: The Neuroscience of Our Mind Body Connection


Credits Required


You will complete your Contemplative Martial Arts major as part of your 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree program at Naropa.