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Letter from the Chair

Naropa University is a unique place and the Contemplative Martial Arts program is no exception, offering the world’s only accredited undergraduate degree program in the traditions of aikido and tai chi chuan. Our program offers an in-depth, integrative approach which steeps one in these wisdom traditions, both as a practitioner and an academic.

Our classes are dynamic and interactive, combining traditional and contemporary methods of learning and practice aimed at giving students relevant skills in contemplative inquiry, academic fluency and professional development.

Our faculty are rooted in traditional lineages and are exceptionally gifted in advancing both an appreciation of the history and philosophy of these traditions as well as adeptly transmitting the fundamentals and essence of practice.

Courses are offered in a systematic sequence, culminating with students presenting a synthesis of their work to their cohort and community. In addition, both aikido and tai chi chuan students train in off-campus settings with seasoned practitioners in traditional practice settings. Aikido students will train at the world class Boulder Aikikai Dojo, and tai chi chuan students at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi for all upper level courses.

I am continuously struck by the brilliance, the joy, the creativity, and the dedication to personal and collective growth that our graduating students embody. It is an honor to be part of this educational adventure.

Nataraja Kallio– Nataraja Kallio,
Chair of the Traditional Eastern Arts program