Graduate Costs & Aid

Aligning aspirations with budgets

What will you pay for your graduate education at Naropa?

2018-19 Academic Year

$22,560 Tuition & Fees* (based on 11-credit load for each Fall & Spring semesters)
+$19,020 Estimated Humble Living Expenses

$41,580 Total

Naropa offers scholarships and graduate assistantships.  More than 75% of our graduate students receive some form of federal or institutional aid.

* Your actual cost will depend on the number of credits taken per semester. Credits are billed at $995 per credit, plus any applicable course fees. Please refer to the course requirements for your program in the Naropa Catalog, the tuition and fees section of the catalog, and your adviser to determine your total costs for the year.

Cost Per Program

Financial Aid Available to Graduates per year

Naropa Fellowships: up to $29,000

Honor/Presidential Scholarship: up to $7,500

Other Scholarships: up to $25,000

Outside Scholarships: monies awarded by non-Naropa sources


Graduate Assistantships: a form of employment with the University, awards ranging from $3,665 - $7,330


Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans: up to $20,500

PLUS Loan: Federal credit-based loan available to cover the gap between aid and cost of attendance


Aid may available up to your cost of attendance

(tuition & fees plus humble living expenses)

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