Living and Learning Communities

What is a Living and Learning Community?

Living and Learning Communities at Naropa University are centered on a common theme or academic component, and are housed at Naropa's two residence halls. Staff in these communities commit to implementing programs that foster a spirit of compassion, mindfulness, growth, and reflection. Participants gain a competitive edge through community engagement, enabling them to make a positive impact on their college experience.

What is it like to be part of a Living and Learning Community?

A Living and Learning Community is:

Faculty Inspired Community

  • Communities staffed with faculty and additional partners who have demonstrated a passion for the community focus area in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  • A cohort of students’ living together in a residence hall who enroll in at least one course together guided by faculty and staff

Associated Community

  • A thematic focus that is part of a larger community
  • Partnerships with on-campus offices, external community members and various departments
  • Students gain a deep understanding of each course and themselves

Linked Course Learning Community

  • An approach to student learning Designed for Student Success.
  • Specific academic focus that connects to a field of professional pursuit
  • Connection with students, faculty and staff with similar academic interests in the creation of a professional network

Communities are led by a team including your residence hall supervisor, faculty or chairs from your department or college, staff from other offices on campus, and Resident Assistants. These teams host guest speakers; organize workshops and dialogues around contemplative practices, contemporary issues and diversity topics; initiate health and wellness events; create and plan social and educational programming and create leadership opportunities. Some communities offer key first year courses in addition to these experiences.

Research shows that students who participate in these communities have higher retention and graduation rates, while reporting higher satisfaction with their undergraduate experience.  

Undergraduate students, who have been accepted for at Naropa, now have the opportunity to apply for one of two Naropa Living and Learning Communities, aimed at gathering students and faculty together at residence halls to co-learn and co-create.  The two current Naropa Living and Learning Communities are Health and Healing and Arts and Movement.

Our previous LLC themes are listed below:

  1. Arts Initiative
  2. Spiritual and Contemplative Practices
  3. Sustainable and Wellness
  4. Contemplative Psychology

The LLC selection process takes place through the main Naropa Housing Application