Who We Are

office for inclusive community staff

Regina Smith Director: Regina Smith, rsmith@naropa.edu 

Rooted in embodied contemplative philosophies, Regina Smith relies on magical creativity, intellectual clarity, and mission-centered collaborative leadership to advocate for social transformation.  With an MFA in Poetry, and an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, she continues to live the practice of how to bridge the mechanics of the mind with the intricacies of heart.

jaime duggan Diversity Events & Program Coordinator: Jaime Duggan, jduggan@naropa.edu 

Jaime Duggan is a dancer, mother, sister and comrade committed to contributing to a more loving and just society through education and action.  She earned her BA from Naropa in the InterArts: Dance and Movement Studies, with a Minor in Traditional Eastern Arts before training and performing several years with both Logo Ligi and Kissidugu West African Percussion & Dance.  Through dialogues about racism, cultural appropriation and white privilege initiated within Kissidugu, she began to wake up, redirect her energies, and use her privilege for progressive change.  Jaime received her MFA in Dance with a secondary emphasis in Ethnic Studies from the University of CO- Boulder, where she taught Modern and Fusion dance courses.  She currently serves as the Inclusive Community Program Coordinator at Naropa University, where she facilitates trainings, coordinates events, and is engaged in numerous initiatives for increasing diversity and building a radically inclusive culture at Naropa.    

Natalie Schreibner Administrative Assistant: Natalie Schreibner, nschreiber@naropa.edu or inclusion@naropa.edu 

Natalie is a student and staff member at Naropa University. She is currently working on her BA in Contemplative Psychology with concentrations in Somatic and Transpersonal psychology. She is an artist and proud mother of two. Her passion for raising those beautiful beings, as well as the collective consciousness of humanity informs her work in the pursuit of Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice.

Student Diversity Officer: Sedonia Dunkley, sdunkley@naropa.edu or inclusion@naropa.edu 

Sedonia is a 1st year graduate student in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy, a concentration within the Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs. She is very passionate in bringing light to the benefits of alternative modalities for counseling to marginalized communities, with hopes of starting a positive change. Sedonia is a native to the east coast. Born and raised in Connecticut up into sophomore year of high school, then she relocated to North Carolina and finished high school and undergraduate degree. She has a B.S. in Child Development and Family Studies from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University (Aggie Pride).

Community Projects Specialist: Sarah Richards-Graba, srichardsgraba@naropa.edu

Call: 303-215-4614