Parents & Families

Parents & Families

Welcome to the Naropa Family


Founded on the belief that the ultimate goal of higher education is to be a catalyst for enlightened transformation of both the self and the world, Naropa University will encourage your student to look within, as well as without, to discover what truly matter. This unwavering dedication to inner exploration and transformation makes Naropa unique among American universities. Our unique learning and teaching approach will provide endless opportunities for your student to learn, grow, create, perform, discover, and inquire in a vibrant environment with resources to support your student's personal development and success.

We recognize that education for the 21st century must speak to all dimensions of a human being: intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, ethical, spiritual, and somatic. Therefore, we infuse the conventional understanding of liberal arts with contemplative practice. Recognizing that intellectual rigor and contemplative practice enrich one another, the entire university incorporates practice as a core discipline, one that permeates community life. As a result, your student will discover the gift of living fully in the present moment, a gift that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.  

 "...My Heart Overflowed..."

“During the presentations, my heart overflowed because I felt hopeful about the future for the first time in a very long time. I was inspired by the depth of knowledge, wisdom, and passion these students brought to their work. Their thesis projects reflect the kind of depth, compassion, and understanding needed to create the solutions our world desperately needs.

What a remarkable job Naropa has done to prepare students to find their place, leading the way to a more beautiful and just world.”

—Lauren Jubelirer, Acupuncturist, Chapel Hill, North Carolina